Season Finale Speculations Are Flying! Get The Lowdown On The Latest Fan Theories Now

Will Season 7B bring us births, marriages, and deaths?! Only the summer finale will tell!

As soon as we read the synopsis of the explosive summer finale, we started trying to figure out what it all could mean!

The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.

I. Marlene King made us even more excited with this tweet!

One popular theory, that one of the Liars might be pregnant, kicked off after I. Marlene King posted this image.

Who could it be?

We're all still speculating about who Mary's second child could be. We've seen Noel doing some pretty shady stuff this season. Do you think it's him?

Or could it be one of the Liars?!

We're told that a fight ends "fatally." Which of our Rosewood residents do you think we'll be saying goodbye to?

You guys, we're super worried about Hanna.

And what will happen to our favorite ships?

Spoby shared a heartbreaking scene recently... but, wait, did we see them kissing in the promo for the summer finale?

Ezria have had tough times ever since Ezra opened the door to the cops. Do you think they'll ever get the chance to say "I do"?

The chemistry between Haleb has been insane!

Are Caleb and Hanna your OTP?

Emily seems pretty torn between Sabrina and Paige right about now...

But could there still be hope for Emison?

Happy #emison day 😉 #pllday #prettylittleliars

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Why isn't it Tuesday already!?

What are your summer finale theories? Share them below!

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