Spencer's Style Shines In Episode 4!

This girl's all about classic choices.

Spencer Hastings, take a bow!

Pretty Little Liars - Spencer's Style Shines In Episode 4! - 1001

Preppy and pretty!

When it comes to the PLL's style, Spencer can sometimes be overlooked. Her vibe is more classic and conservative than cutting edge and sexy, and can sometimes fly under the radar. But for those of us that love Spencer's fashion vibe, she shines bright. Every week she is consistent, chic, classic, and always modern. We have all learned so much from Spencer's style. How to rock a trench. What a tailored blazer could do to our closet full of jeans. Remember knee socks? Who else could slay in loafers? The list goes on and on. When we think of fashion superstars, sometimes the most consistent ones do not get the credit they deserve. But we see you, Spencer!!

Let's all raise a glass to one of the best dressed girls in town!

Pretty Little Liars - Spencer's Style Shines In Episode 4! - 1005

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