The Cast Of PLL React To The Season Finale!

Afraid you missed some of the Twitter shenanigans last night? We've collected together the best tweets of the night for you!

Keegan gave us a little look behind the scenes!

And we were off!

Troian and Keegan looked back on Spoby memories.

Everyone was floored by Tyler's nude scene.

Not mad at it. 

But he seemed pleased with it!

And Ashley finally came around...

Even the cast freaked out when Mary and Wilden kept appearing!

Mainly the menfolk...

Literally jumping out of their seats!

Janel wanted us to share the fear...

But Andrea was enjoying everyone's reactions!

Shay basically summed up the whole series!

We loved Troian supporting female power!

Even with her romantic rival...

But they were soon talking about the ships!

Janel was loving the #Haleb scenes!

Even Troian thinks Spaleb is not necessary end goals.

The romantic Ezria scenes got a lot of responses from the cast...

Tyler seemed secretly jealous!

But Janel was focused on how we would feel about it!

Meanwhile things were going in a very different direction for Spencer and Toby.

Nothing more romantic than a bit of DIY...

There was a lot of shade thrown at Mona.

Even though she just wants to be part of the gang!

But seriously, she needs to stop.

And just like that the season is over!

One last pic of the show hunks...

Frightening company... @ianmharding @keeoone

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How did you feel about the Season Finale? And what are you expecting in Season 7?

Let us know in the comments!

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