The Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Soundtrack Was Perfect

Warning: Some of these tracks could cause tears.

The series finale of Pretty Little Liars was an emotional roller coaster.

From Emison's beautiful proposal to Aria's heartbreaking secret, it was full of dramatic highs and lows -- all perfectly accompanied by the amazing soundtrack. Relive some of the finale's most memorable moments with the music guide below. Then experience it all again by streaming the episode here on Freeform.

Spencer is delighted to see that Toby has returned to Rosewood.

'The Backpack Song' by Bear Attack plays during Spoby's beautiful reunion.

Aria and Ezra share wedding planning stories while Spencer takes Hanna away for a heart-to-heart.

'In Good Time' by Oh Mercy adds to the chilled out vibe around the fire pit.

The evening comes to an end with the Liars and their SOs heading back to their rooms.

'One Night' by Christina Perri is the perfect accompaniment to all the romance.

Things get steamy for Ezria and Emison.

'B&W' by Gabrielle Current plays to enhance the passion in this scene.

Spencer adds another word to the Scrabble board while Toby sleeps.

'Glitter In The Air' by P!nk plays during this touching Spoby moment.

Aria breaks down as she finally tells Ezra her sad news.

'Suggestions' by Orelia Has Orchestra plays while Ezra tries to comfort his fiancée.

Hanna causes a stir by bringing Mona to Aria's rehearsal dinner.

'Goes Without Saying' by Trent Dabbs plays while Hanna tries to defend her decision to support Mona.

The PLL moms catch up over a glass of wine.

'If I Tell You I'm Gonna Have To Kill You' by The Slightlys plays while they reminisce about that night in the basement.

Alison proposes to Emily.

This happy moment is accompanied by 'Home' by Xenia to make it more beautiful.

Hanna and Caleb finally make amends over the Mona situation.

'Find you' by Cara Frew plays while Haleb kiss and make up.

Spencer turns up unexpectedly at Toby's hotel room.

'Glow' by Gabrielle Current plays as things quickly heat up between them.

In a flashback, we see how Wren and Alex met.

'I Followed You Home' by Eliot Sumner is playing in the bar where Alex works.

The Liars catch up before Aria leaves on her honeymoon.

This emotional but happy moment is accompanied by the uplifting 'Miles' by Christina Perri.

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