Video Time! Keegan Allen And Janel Parrish Answer Your Burning Questions About PLL

You guys do not want to miss this.

The video below is everything. Keegan and Janel answer everyone's burning questions about the show, they take a look at the amazing app that let's you live in the PLL world, they play a hilarious game of "Never Have I Ever", and more!

We absolutely love these two. Keegan was engaged? We didn't see that one coming. And we can't believe Janel didn't keep her A hoodie! They were totally hilarious playing "Never Have I Ever" and we're so glad they showed us a really fun way to get in on the PLL mystery for ourselves with the Episode app.

This app gives fans the chance to have their own story in Rosewood. It's Pretty Little Liars, but with you calling the shots! Follow your favorite characters even after the final episode has aired and see what it's like to live in A's world.

Can you keep a secret?

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