What Would The Liars' Lives Have Been Like Without A?

Different. Very different.

What would a PLL world look like without A?

In S5E1 Emily asked the question, "can you imagine what life would look like without A?" and it got us thinking -- what would the Liars' lives have been like without any A at all? What if they never received a message from A? Would they all still be friends? Check out what we think would have happened below!


Without A we don't think Alison would have disappeared for so long! A was the reason she had to stay away -- without A she could have gone home as soon as she crawled out of the ground. What would she have been like now if she hadn't disappeared? Would she still be as mean as she was back then? If being forced to stay away made her realize all the mistakes she'd made and how much she actually cared for the other Liars then can we really be sure she would have changed without A? It was A who made Alison realize what it was like to be a target, which in turn made her a better person.


When Emily asked that question in S5E1, Spencer said that she wouldn't want to go back to the person she was before A. All she cared about then was winning, but when A showed up Spencer realized that there are more important things in life. Does this mean that A was possibly a good thing for Spencer?!?! We hate to say it, but we think Spencer would have always been that person who cared about winning. She'd never stop working and she would most likely be too busy for a social life. Wait, does that mean that she wouldn't be friends with the Liars? And would there even be a Spoby?! The whole reason Spencer started getting close to Toby was because she thought A was framing her!


So Hanna said that in a world without A, she would like to think she would have taken up a sport. When Spencer and Emily asked her which sport she would have liked to take up, Hanna answered with field hockey because she always liked the look of Spencer's field hockey skirt. Classic Hanna. We love her, but we just can't see her being the sporty type -- even if she is a total badass. We think that without A she would have stayed friends with Mona and been the 'It Girl' in Rosewood. She probably would have carried on shoplifting... Also, would the 'It Girl' of Rosewood really be seen with Caleb? We don't think so.


Guys, Ezria wouldn't be a thing!!!! If there was no A then Alison wouldn't have disappeared for so long, which means that Ezra wouldn't have had a book to write, which means that he wouldn't have approached Aria that day in the bar!!!! Aria would probably be engaged to Holden right now. Or maybe Jake. This is too weird.


We hate to say it, but without A we think it might have taken Emily a lot longer to come out. It was A who sent Hanna those pictures of Emily and Maya kissing, which led to Hanna telling Emily that she shouldn't be ashamed of who she is, which led to Emily finally admitting to Maya that she wanted to be with her! Also, A has probably made Emily a LOT stronger. She was always known as the weakest link in the group, but not anymore. If it wasn't for A, there'd probably be a lot more people taking advantage of our sweet Emily.

Wait a minute! Does this mean that A is possibly not the worst thing to have happened to the Liars?

We mean, a LOT of terrible things have happened to the Liars because of A, but there's been a lot of good too. Could it be that the A-Game has all been worth it? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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