Which Era Of Pretty Little Liars Do You Belong In? Find Out With This PLL Photo Quiz

Do you belong to the "early years era or "the high school seniors era"?

It's nearly time for Pretty Little Liars Season 7B and that means one thing- the final ten episodes! But which of PLLs amazing seven seasons is closest to your heart? Could it be the early years when The Liars were still trying to figure themselves out? Or maybe it's when they came back together again, stronger than ever. Take this quiz and we'll tell you which era you belong in! Then get set for the final ten episodes by catching up on 7A.

Pick the photos you are drawn to the most -- go with your first instinct, don't overthink it!

Which Era Of PLL Do You Belong In?

Catch up on Season 7A before Pretty Little Liars returns on April 18!

And tell us which era of PLL you got in the comments below.

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