You Will Be Shocked When You See How Much The PLL Boys Have Changed!

Take a look back at how the PLL hotties have changed over the years...

1. Lucas Gottesman

Season 1 Lucas was adorable, but we really love his suave Season 6 look too!

2. Wren Kingston

Our favorite doctor could give us the kiss of life anytime! That accent totally makes us melt.

3. Caleb Rivers

The gorgeous Caleb has matured over the years. And gets hotter and hotter with each new PLL Season! Swoon!

4. Jason DiLaurentis

Poor Jason has been through a lot over the years and we'd happily lend him a shoulder to cry on!

5. Mike Montgomery

Mike has grown up to be a very handsome guy! We're rooting for him to rekindle his romance with Mona in Season 7!

6. Toby Cavanaugh

Mr. Cavanaugh was always our favorite "pretty eyes"!

7. Ezra Fitz


Ezra's amazing smile hasn't changed a bit since Season 1! He's so cute!

Which PLL hottie do you think has had the most spectacular transformation?

Who did you vote for and why? Let us know in the comments!

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