You Will Definitely Want To Add These Songs From PLL S7E17 To Your Playlist

We've got them on repeat

Season 7 Episode 17 of Pretty Little Liars had a great soundtrack to accompany all the drama. From finding out Detective Furey had new evidence in Archer's case to Haleb's beautiful engagement, we were totally hooked on this week's music. Listen to it again by checking out the music guide below and rewatching the full episode here.

Detective Furey visits the loft to discuss The Radley flooding with Hanna and Caleb.

'Silence Worth Breaking' by Brooke Annibale plays throughout the grilling from Marco, adding to the tension.

Caleb bumps into Ashley at The Radley. She also questions him about the flood.

While she fills Caleb in on the details of her meeting with the Rosewood Police, 'Hold Your Ground' by Fleurie plays in the hotel lobby.

Hanna worries about what other mistakes they might have made on the night they killed Archer.

Caleb tries to calm Hanna down while 'Wish Something Would Happen' by Louis Schefano plays in the background.

Aria has a surreal, musical dream about Ezra being in jail.

Mona (Janel Parrish) sings 'Jailhouse Rock' as the pair prepare to get married in prison.

Aria searches for her "reward" from A.D. in The Brew.

'Break' by ADLT VDEO plays while Aria desperately tries to find what she is looking for.

Hanna and Caleb make their engagement official.

'Light Me Up' by Ingrid Michaelson provides the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful, uplifting moment -- and if it sounds familiar, that's because it's also the song that Ezra suggests to Aria for their first dance.

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