Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam

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Hanna comes home!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1001

Hanna is in Mary Drake’s car and after refusing to go to the cops, gets dropped off at Spencer’s. The team tries to convince Hanna to see a doctor, but she refuses as it would mean having to answer too many questions. They tell her what they know about Mary Drake and that they think she is AD. Hanna then wonders how she could be safe and the Liars suggest that it’s because they gave AD what they wanted – Charlotte’s killer. After everything calms down, Spencer sees Caleb giving Hanna her engagement ring and Aria ignores a text from Liam. The doorbell then rings and the Liars are given flowers from AD and a note saying that they are now on the same team.

Is Haleb's flame still burning?

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1002

Later on, Caleb and Hanna find themselves on their own and so they discuss their kiss. Hanna says that it only happened because Caleb makes her feel safe and that they just returned back to their old selves for a minute. Meanwhile, Emily tells Spencer that she is worried about Alison and wonders if they should tell Elliott, but Spencer thinks that this would be a bad idea. After Caleb takes Spencer home, Emily asks Hanna if she wants to call Jordan, but Hanna says she doesn’t. Later on, Emily gets a phone call from Alison begging her for help, but before anything else can be said, Emily hears a struggle and someone takes the phone away from Alison.

Access denied!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1003

The next day, Emily goes to Welby to visit Alison, but discovers that only family members are allowed to visit her. She finds Elliott who says that this was his decision as he believes Alison will do better in isolation. He says he will let Emily know as soon as Alison can have visitors again. Later on, Emily tells Spencer about Alison’s call and wonders if they should use Mary Drake to get them into Welby, but Spencer does not think that that is a good idea considering Mary Drake could be AD. Meanwhile, Hanna meets Lucas who asks her if she’s thought about signing his contract and that he will need an answer soon. Across town, Aria breaks up with Liam before finding out that he is going to edit her and Ezra’s book!

Alison is AD's now!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1004

Spencer, Emily, and Aria go to Elliott’s house and urge him to let them see Alison, but he tells them that if they really want to help her, they’ll stay away. Elliott then gets a phone call and while he is away, the Liars get a text from AD, saying that they cannot change the fact that Alison is now theirs. This makes them think that AD could already be in Welby. Meanwhile, Hanna looks over Lucas’ papers and then reminisces about the first time she met Jordan. Later on, she goes back to New York and turns up at Jordan’s office. She apologizes for how distant she’s been and suggests they go back to the bar where they first met.

Tension in the workplace!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1005

Ezra and Aria grab a coffee outside and Aria tells him of her worries about Liam editing their book. Ezra takes her hand and tells her that he will make it work with Liam, but unknown to them, Liam is watching them from his car. Later on, Liam meets with Ezra and gets unreasonably critical about the book. After Ezra tells Aria what happened, Aria confronts Liam, where he tells her that he knows Aria and Ezra used to have a relationship.

Mary Drake opens up!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1006

Mary Drake meets with Spencer to check in on Hanna. She says she doesn’t feel good about taking Hanna straight to her friends when she should have taken her to the police. When asked why she didn’t, Mary Drake replies that she’s never liked the cops. When probed, she tells Spencer of how she ended up in Radley: one night, Jessica was babysitting and called her to come and help because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. When Mary Drake arrived to help, Jessica told her that the baby had finally fallen asleep. Jessica then wanted to leave to meet a guy and so asked Mary Drake to stay. Later on when the parents got home, the mom found her baby had died. Everyone was on Jessica’s side and so the blame fell on Mary Drake, who was sent to Radley.

Break-ups and pair-ups!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1007

Hanna and Jordan go back to the bar where they first met only to find that it has been torn down! Hanna can’t handle this. She believes that she is the cause of all the destruction in her life and distraught, gives Jordan back her engagement ring. Later on, she is calmer and decides to sign Lucas' papers – she and Lucas are now business partners! Meanwhile, Emily runs in to Mary Drake and asks her if she would be able to speak to someone at the sanatorium. Instead, Mary Drake suggests that they go to visit Alison together.

All roads lead to Welby!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1008

Spencer and Mary Drake succeed in getting into Alison’s room. Alison thinks Mary Drake is her mom and starts asking her why she left her in the ground before saying that her mom was wrong about Elliott. Emily tries to ask her what she was wrong about, but before Alison can answer, Elliott finds them out and angry, gets them to leave. Once out of the room, Elliott says he would like to speak to Mary Drake alone. Elliott says to Mary that her being in Welby was not part of the plan, but she retorts that she doesn’t like what he’s doing to Alison and that he’s gone too far. Elliott tells her that she got everything she wanted, but Mary insists that she has not got the money yet. Emily sees the shadowy exchange, but cannot hear anything.

Oh, the questions!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap for Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam - 1009

Later on, Spencer tells Caleb that she has been fired before then asking him if he thinks they have made a mistake by being together. Caleb says they didn’t and that what they had “was real”. Spencer asks him why he is talking in the past tense, but before he can answer, they get a text from Emily telling them that things with Alison are much worse and that she thinks there’s something going on between Mary Drake and Elliott. Back at Welby, Alison gets injected with another mysterious solution – we do not see who by – before being wheeled away to somewhere unknown.

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