Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn

Hanna takes on Noel Kahn alone!

The Liars wonder where Hanna is!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1001

Aria gets a text from Hanna, telling her that she went to New York to do some work with Lucas. Since they were so close to nailing Noel, the Liars wonder if Hanna is telling the truth and so Emily decides to phone her to find out what she is doing. Her call, however, goes straight to voicemail. Spencer asks Aria if there has been any news about Nicole, but Aria tells her that Ezra still doesn’t know if Nicole is one of the hostages in Colombia. Later, the Liars begin to realize that A.D. really could be Noel. Aria believes that he must have burnt them out of the storm cellar to stop them from finding out that he is Mary’s second child. Aria decides to go to the court house to see what she can find out about the adoption, while Spencer tries to find out everything she can about Noel. Emily says that she’ll meet up with them after her swim coach interview.

What is Hanna doing?

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1002

In the same room that we left Hanna in at the end of Episode 8, we see her unpack some rope, duct tape, a hammer, and a video camera. After setting up the camera she films herself and says that if this video is found before she finishes what she needs to do, then something must have gone terribly wrong. She goes on to say that, in that case, the video must be handed in to the police. Meanwhile, Emily stops in at The Brew to see Sabrina who is taste testing cake for a customer. Emily discovers that her girlfriend's new customer is Noel and warns her to stay away from him as he is dangerous. Sabrina tries to question her, but Emily has to leave for her interview.

Marco asks Spencer to dinner!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1003

Spencer is trying to find out information about Noel when Marco arrives. He tells her that Archer fled to France on a fake passport and that while the case is still open, it is no longer in Marco’s jurisdiction. He tells Spencer that the one silver lining about this is that he can now ask her out for dinner, but Spencer gently refuses, telling him that she has just got out of a relationship. Meanwhile, Jason arrives at Aria’s and asks her if she knows anything about the fire at his great aunt’s storm cellar. Aria admits that she went there with Alison and that they found some paperwork that told them that Mary had a second child when she was in Radley. Aria invites Jason to go with her to the court house to see what they can find out about the adoption.

Hanna follows Noel!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1004

Hanna watches Noel throw a garbage bag in a dumpster. After he has driven off, Hanna goes to investigate the trash and finds Sara Harvey’s phone! Meanwhile, Paige and Emily are at Rosewood High where they are filling out applications for the swim coach position. Emily struggles with the question, ‘have you ever been arrested?’, but Paige reminds her that Principal Hackett knows her history and would never have suggested she apply if it was a problem. After Emily has her interview, Paige asks her if she wants to hang out that night, but Emily tells her that she’ll probably be with Sabrina. When asked about Sabrina, Emily tells Paige that she doesn’t think the relationship will last since there are a lot of things that Emily can’t share with her. She tells Paige that what happened to her in the past is happening again, but Paige tells her that if she was able to include Paige when they were in high school, she should be able to do the same with Sabrina.

Aria reminisces about Jason!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1005

Aria and Jason arrive at the court house and while they are waiting to be seen, Aria has a flashback to a time when they were together. In the memory, Jason brings Aria a cup of coffee in bed. Sitting next to her, he tells her that he will be leaving for Ethiopia the next week and asks her to go with him. Aria, however, tells him that she won’t be able to afford it and needs to get a job. When Jason says that the charity will pay for her, she agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, Hanna buys some pills from a guy who tells her that “one of those should knock him out for hours.” Later, Hanna anonymously texts Noel, telling him that she has Sara’s phone and that if he wants it back he will need to meet her at a pub. She takes the now-crushed-up pills with her when she leaves.

Spencer and Emily make a breakthrough!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1006

Spencer is on hold with someone who might be able to give her Noel’s address when Emily arrives and tells her that while she managed to get through to Hanna, she told her she was in a meeting and couldn’t speak. Emily goes on to say that she now knows that Hanna is lying and that they should be worried about what she’s planning. Spencer is then taken off hold and is given an address for Noel, which turns out to be the address of his parents' cabin. Spencer realizes that the address is in the same area that Hanna was held captive! Later, they arrive at the cabin to investigate. Spencer spots a security camera in the trees and smashes it.

Jason and Aria are next in line!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1007

When Jason asks for a copy of the adoption records at the court house, he is told that he will not be able to get them as he is neither the parent or the adoptee. Aria tells the clerk that Jason has hardly any family left and is desperate to connect with the family that he can find. Feeling sorry for Jason, the woman says that she won’t be able to promise anything, but that she’ll see what she can find by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Hanna sees Noel arrive at the pub where she is waiting for him. She has two drinks beside her and she surreptitiously slips the crushed-up pills into one of the drinks.

Spencer and Emily find an incriminating flash drive!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1008

Spencer and Emily are searching Noel’s cabin when they come across a flash drive. Plugging it into a laptop, they find out that it has files about all of the Liars. Opening Spencer’s file, they see a video of Spencer in the Dollhouse. The video shows her asleep on the floor when Noel comes into the bedroom and puts what looks like blood on Spencer and the floor around her. Spencer realizes that she never actually hurt anyone when she was in the Dollhouse. Emily says that the flash drive proves that Noel tortured the Liars and that he will go to prison because of it.

Emily and Sabrina have an awkward encounter.

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1009

Spencer and Emily tell Aria about what they found in Noel’s cabin, but Aria tells them that they cannot give the flash drive to the police without Hanna. They decide to ask Caleb to track her down when Sabrina arrives, looking for Emily. Sabrina and Emily talk outside. Sabrina asks Emily if she wants to get something to eat, but Emily tells her that she’s in the middle of something and if everything goes according to plan that night, she’ll be able to tell Sabrina everything tomorrow. Sabrina agrees to give Emily her space.

Hanna's plan gets underway!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1010

Hanna approaches Noel in the pub and tells him that she is the one that he has been waiting for. Hanna goes on to say that the police want to question her in connection with Sara’s death and that it won’t look good for Noel when she tells them about finding Sara’s phone with Noel’s prints all over it. She suggests that they help each other out and after Noel asks to see Sara’s phone, they lift their drinks in agreement. Just as he is about to take a sip, however, Noel stops and asks Hanna to have some of his drink. Hanna, of course, refuses so Noel, realizing that she must have drugged his drink, steals the phone from her and tells her to be careful or she’ll end up just like Sara. Later, Hanna listens to a voicemail from Emily who tells her that they now know that Noel is A.D. and begs her to come home.

There's a storm in Rosewood!

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1011

Spencer arrives home just as the storm outside turns the power off. She plugs Noel’s flash drive into her computer and watches the video of her waking up covered in blood again before phoning Marco and leaving him a message to come over. Later, the storm gets worse and Spencer’s kitchen window shatters. Spencer sees the shadow of someone pass by and so grabs a knife to defend herself. Marco arrives and Spencer tells him that she thinks someone is in the house and so he goes to check it out. Once Marco has left the room, Spencer realizes that the flash drive has been taken from her computer. She texts the other Liars to let them know. Later, when Marco makes a move to leave, Spencer asks him to stay because she doesn’t want to be alone.

Aria waits out the storm at Jason's.

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1012

Jason tells Aria that the court house won’t be able to fax over the adoption report until the power is back on. While they wait, Aria tells Jason that she is worried about her and Ezra, but Jason reassures her by saying that she and Ezra were always meant to be. Aria has a flashback to another time when she and Jason were together. Aria tells him that she was offered a job at a publishing house and Jason asks if it is the same company that published Ezra’s book. Aria says that it is, but that it is just a coincidence and that she and Ezra will probably never cross paths. Back in the present, Aria tells Jason that he was right about her taking the job – she was hoping it would bring her and Ezra back together. Jason tells her that if Ezra gets back together with Nicole it’s his loss and that he can’t imagine there being anyone better than Aria. Feeling awkward about the sudden intimacy, Aria goes to leave, but Jason apologizes and persuades her to stay and wait out the storm.

Is Noel Mary's second child?

Pretty Little Liars - Your Official Recap For Season 7 Episode 9: The Wrath Of Kahn - 1013

Emily phones Paige and tells her that she thought everything would be over that night, but that it didn’t go as planned. When Paige asks her what happened, Emily tells her that Noel Kahn is the one torturing them and asks Paige to come over. Meanwhile, Aria gets a text from Ezra who tells her that Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages and that he is coming home the next day. Aria cries with relief, but hides her tears when Jason comes back into the room with the adoption report. He tells Aria that all the important information on the file has been blacked out except the name of the judge – Steven Kahn. Aria tells Jason that Steven Kahn is Noel’s dad and says that he must have adopted Mary’s baby! Back at the Kahn’s cabin, Noel finds Hanna’s hat outside. When he bends down to pick it up, Hanna appears out of nowhere and hits him over the head, declaring, “It’s over, bitch.”

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