10 Brilliant Shadowhunters Cast Moments Of The Week

Check out all the adorable things the cast have been getting up to now!

1. Kat and Will went to stunt rehearsal together!

Back in action at @shadowhunterstv stunt rehearsal with this guy! 💥👊🗡

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Will Tudor is a new member of the cast who will appear in Season 2B as a character called Sebastian Verlac.

2. Alberto showed off his incredible slit throat prosthetic.

3. Alan had to finally admit that he loved working with Dom while holding the Soul Sword!

4. Matt and Dom refused to separate from each other no matter what.

Some say Dom is still clutching onto Matt's back to this day.

5. Isaiah and Kat just wanted to say sup.


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6. Our favorite Downworlders were loitering outside our favorite Downworlder bar!

Downworlders loitering. @isaiahmustafa @d.l.castro @jadehassoune @shadowhunterstv WINTER FINALE TONIGHT!

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7. Isaiah definitely went through this door.

Hmm... #shadowhunters

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8. Nicola shared a really heartfelt message for Isaiah!

This Guy. I want to thank @isaiahmustafa for his posts during Black History Month. The tributes to each of the inspiring, groundbreaking and revolutionary Men and Women he wrote about taught me so much and reminded me how important and inspiring it is to educate ourselves on the histories and heroes that got us where we are today. It's a very scary time in our culture and @isaiahmustafa gave me hope, education and a reminder that brave humans have always been defying the odds and will continue to break down walls and change the world for the better. Thanks Isaiah! xo #isaiahmustafa #lukegarroway @shadowhunterstv #shadowhuntersfamily #shadowhunterstvshow #shadowhunterstv #shadowhunterscast #shadowhuntersseason2 #shadowhunters #shadowhunterstvshow #shadowhuntersfamily #Maryse #maryselightwood #lightwood #lightwoods #Idris #nicolacorreiadamude

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9. Kat was poking around Alberto's neck wound.

What are best friends for...? 😬 #BTS @albertorosende #shadowhunterschat @shadowhunterstv

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10. The whole cast cheered after the amazing Winter Finale was over!

We genuinely don't know how we'll survive without a new episode every week...

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