10 Incredible Things We Know So Far About The Journey To Season 2!

This is just the beginning...

1. We have some new, very talented Showrunners!

Welcome to the Shadowhunters family!

2. Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer are really excited to be a part of the show!

As they should be...

3. Meanwhile, the cast and crew are already hard at work!

Looking good, guys!

4. Can you believe they're already writing an episode for season 2!?


5. And the writers are willing to give us a few hints!

So far we know that things will be happening. That's right, things!

6. Seriously, "Overheard in the Shadowhunters WR" needs to be made into a book!

We love these guys!

7. Sure they have the best job in the world, but it still comes with challenges!

Valentine ruins everything!

8. The costume department is back and better than ever!

Yes, this outfit looks good. No need for anything on the top half!

9. The director and crew have been choosing locations!

Please, please let more muscular men jump from buildings. That's all we ask for!

10. And they've started filming season two!

Based on their expressions, we're guessing they're happy to be back at work!

Welcome back, Angels!

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