9 New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep!

We brainstormed some of the top New Year's resolutions and decided we'd provide a few pro-tips to help you stay motivated. At least through the first episode of Shadowhunters: Coming January 12th!

1. I will start going to the gym daily and get in the best shape of my life...


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Tips: Exercise is great! It's hard to keep up! Ask a friend to help!

2. I will do my laundry and generally keep things clean a whole lot more.

Tip: Look. We all want to wear a onesie out into the world. If you can't look this good at it, wash your clothes more. 

3. I will stop eating so much junk and eat more fruit and vegetables

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Tip: Why not take a tip from these gorgeous Rune Cupcakes? Add Runes to salad!

4. I will start to adult.

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Tip: Find a good friend who is equally willing to adult. 

5. I will ignore my crippling FOMO.

Tip: Go to the party. Try the important thing. Get in the phonebooth. 

6. I will cut out my rampaging caffeine addiction.

Tip: You know, skip this one. Coffee gets things done. 

7. I will stop binge watching TV and start reading books...

Tip: Magazines are books. But like, can we suggest a series by Cassandra Clare?

8. I will make friends.

Charles thinks he can camouflage and avoid a bath...

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Tip: Take a tip from the cast. Pets. Pets. Pets. 

9. I will do at least one good deed every day...

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Tip: Good deeds include hugging all the puppies in the world so they don't get lonely. Start there. And everything will follow. 

Take to the comments below and tell us some of your New Year's resolutions, however tough they might be!

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