10 Reasons Dominic Sherwood is Your Imaginary Boyfriend

Can we talk about Dominic Sherwood for a minute? He’s playing Jace on Shadowhunters. And every time we hear from him, we get a little freaked out. Here's why.

1. He has dreamy, interesting, two-different colored eyes. Really. Like David Bowie, or Henry Cavill, or Benedict Cumberbatch. This is called heterochromia.

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2. He is from Kent, England. And accents are the greatest.

Why I miss Kent

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3. His favorite sports are soccer and rugby. And when he gets hurt, you can totally help bandage him up.

4. This. His dog. His dog named Rowdy. This.

Ready for a swim rowdy?

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5. He has 3 brothers and a sister. Not really relevant to how cute he is, but still a thing.

6. His favorite Disney movies are Aladdin and The Lion King. Popcorn. Date night. Cool with us.

7. His dream is to have dinner with Elvis. Fine, we’ll take it. We like Elvis; we’ll totally go to that dinner.

8. Swords! Fighting! Pandemonium!

9. He loves beaches, the water, and the sun. And…

Good day!

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10. Record scratch. Hold the phone. Turns out he’s already dating someone. (This is a pause where we silently scream on the inside.) No no, we’re cool with that.

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