10 Things We Learned From Harry's Twitter Chat

The High Warlock of Brooklyn recently hosted a Twitter Chat to answer the fan's questions about him and the show! Here are 10 things that we learned during that magical hour.

1. There is going to be a lot of Malec exchanges in the show!

2. His favorite band of all time is...

3. The cast become hysterical once it is past their bed time.

4. If Harry was a superhero, he would end world hunger. Sort of.

5. We were told the story of what got him into acting.

6. He listed a few of his favorite movies.

7. He's brought his incredible dance moves to Magnus Bane.

8. He thinks of the cast as cute, fluffy animals... that could kill you.

9. He also told us what he really thinks of Matthew Daddario.

10. If he were the High Warlock of Brooklyn for the day...

What was your favorite thing that your learned during Harry's Twitter Chat?  Let us know in the comments below!

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