11 Times The Cast Made Our Lives So Much Better This Week!

We just can't get enough of these wonderful people.

1. When Matt refused to share his chocolates!

@matthewdaddario brought chocolates to set.... no one is allowed any apparently...

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And Dom wasn't happy about it. Sharing is caring, guys!

2. And David was showing off his acrobatic skills. Shirtless.

Super sloppy! But just having some fun in the stunt room. #shadowhuntersseason2 #raphaelsantiago #vampsgottricks

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This is everything we've ever wanted.

3. The gang had another viewing party for S2E5.

Live tweet with the cast of #Shadowhunters using #ShadowhuntersChat NOW!

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We love the Rock Solid Panda poster. And is that Camille's snake statue on the side table?

4. And Emeraude revealed that her favorite part of the episode was Isaiah lying naked on the ground!

That was supposed to be a sad scene!

5. Harry shared some deep insights about Malec.

It's good to know he's just as obsessed with this relationship as we are!

6. While Matt went wandering in time.

Pompeii when everyone is somewhere else.

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7. Katherine pranked the boys with terrifying make-up.

8. Check out their reaction!

Katherine better watch her back now...

9. Jade was on vacation in Panama.


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10. And he spotted a super cute sloth!

Sloth!!!! 😭🍃

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Imagine if we were all as relaxed as sloths.

11. And Harry looked like a Greek god.

🇮🇸 water heals cold blues

A video posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on

It's like he sculpted out of marble!

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Which cast moment did you love the most? Tell us in the comments!

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