11 Times This Week The Cast Of Shadowhunters Proved They Have Amazing Lives!

These guys have the most fun together!

1. Harry and Matt proved that they're classy gentlemen.

Cheers, we back! @shadowhunterstv @domsherwood @matthewdaddario #shadowhuntersseason2

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Dom looks like he might like an invite to join them!

2. Nick spent all weekend enjoying his birthday.

He clearly did it in the most indulgent way possible!

3. And Kat was there to help him celebrate!

Happy birthday to this beautiful soul! @nickdsagar โœจ๐ŸŽˆ

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We're happy Nick is fitting in so well, even if we're not sure what to make of his character.

4. Emeraude spotted a familiar face looking through her car window!


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We wish we could see her beautiful face on our way to work every day!

5. Dom sent an emotional message to all his fans!

One million!!! I love you all

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6. Harry gave us all the details about his weird and wonderful trip to Iceland.

Harry becomes more and more like his character every day!

7. And Isaiah became animated!

Luke back at it again with the green eyes. ๐Ÿ’š #ShadowhuntersSeason2

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A Shadowhunters cartoon series would be pretty awesome...

8. Maxim noticed Nick looking really suspicious!

Is he still in character or is he planning some sort of prank?

9. Dom and Kat took sides in Shadowhunters shipping.

Here we gooooo!!! Geared up and ready for @ShadowhuntersTV #Shadowhunterschatย  @DomSherwood

A photo posted by Katherine McNamara (@kitkatsmeow) on

Shouldn't Dom be wearing a Clace t-shirt though?

10. And the whole gang reminded us that Episode 203 is coming soon.

11. Except Alberto, who was too busy living the dream in Italy!

Does every cast member go on vacation to Italy? Matt was there a couple of weeks ago!

Which cast member do you think had the most interesting week?

Tell us in the comments!

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