12 Highlights From Another Week With The Incredible Shadowhunters Cast

If you're not following them on Instagram then who ARE you following?

Our favorite Shadowhunters and Downworlders had an amazing week!

There were birthday celebrations, family reunions and kitty cats on set. Read on to catch up with all of these beautiful, talented people.

1. We had another birthday in the Shadowhunter family! Sending lots of love to Jade!

2. Katherine posted an adorable tribute to her favorite Seelie knight.

3. Most importantly, Jade is back in his Meliorn costume! We cannot wait to see him back in the Shadow World.

4. Alisha was excited for us to see her in the latest episode. We LOVED the bow-tie.

Watch me complete this outfit with a bowtie tonight on Shadowhunters!

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5. David was feeling the Raphael-Izzy vibes.

6. Kat and Alberto wanted everyone to get on board the Climon ship!

#Climon back at it again! Always too much fun w @albertorosende! β€ͺ#shadowhunterschat @ShadowhuntersTV ‬

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7. Isaiah and Matt were having fun behind the scenes.

Behold, tie finger.

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8. Nick gave us a glimpse of the glamorous world of voice recording.

9. Harry was loving the dynamic between Dom and his new furry friend.

🐈 @domsherwood

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10. The Lightwood family reunited for the first time since Season 1!

The Lightwood family is reunited in 1 hour, EST/CT. Let's do this. 😝 #Shadowhunters

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11. Will took the weekend off to hit up NYC!

12. While the rest of the cast took a well deserved nap on set!

Woah... #LoveisaDevil is a real knockout. Don't miss @shadowhunterstv 8/7c on @Freeform!

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There ain't no party like a Warlock party.

Have you seen S2E8 yet? Watch it right here on Freeform!

And tell us how you spent your week in the comments.

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