12 Reasons Why Jade is Our Perfect Meliorn

We are unbelievably excited to see Jade Hassouné play Meliorn in Shadowhunters. Here are a few pictures of Jade generally being awesome to tide you over until January. Who loves you? We do.

1. Jade's addicted to the books.

2. Even when he's being distracted by a furry friend.

as you can see, I am hard at work.➰🌺 #tmi #TheMortalInstruments #Shadowhunters #cityofashes #seeliecourt

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3. He constantly looks adorable.

4. Not to mention gorgeous.

#human --let'sgo Phto by @davidleyes

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5. That smile is the greatest!

Happy dayz

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6. We want to go for a picnic with Jade so badly!

How I want to feel all the time 🌺

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7. He lets us into the Shadow World, and it looks super fun.

8. He and Cassandra Clare have brought Meliorn to life together which is awesome.

9. He's thoughtful.

10. He surrounds himself with beauty at all times.

11. He likes to give us teasers from the show to keep us guessing.

12. He is besties with butterflies. He literally is a Seelie!

#Butterfly 🌺 🍂🍃 @vlad_alexis @opeumlevi

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How excited are you to see Jade next month? Let us know in the comments.

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