12 Things You Might Have Missed: Malec, Roses, Vamps

Both #Malec and Dom with no shirt on in the same article? We're basically spoiling you.

We like to make sure you don't miss out on anything from the Shadowhunters cast. Here's your social round up for this week.

1. David Castro, our Raphael, compares vamp fangs with his adorable pup!

He thinks he's a vampire too😎 what do you think, Season 2 guarding the Hotel Dumort?

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2. Harry shared this brooding #TBT shot.


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3. Emeraude's got flower power!

4. We're so in love with Kat's colorful pants.

Head to toe @aliceandolivia last night @missmejeans #LetYourselfShine event! xx

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5. Maxim showed us all how to do spring style.

A Feb 1st that felt like Spring. 💦🔥 || Ça donne le goût de faire du ménage...

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6. Training to be a Shadowhunter is tough!

Dom. There are no words.

7. We're so excited about all things MALEC!

Casually candid #Malec in their natural habitat... @ShadowhuntersTV @MatthewDaddario @HarryShumJr @Freeform

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8. Who wants to play with Kat and Isaiah?

...And this is what happens on commercial breaks... @shadowhunterstv @freeform @isaiahmustafa #ShadowhuntersChat

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9. Curtis Morgan showed us Pangborn in happier times...

What a ride... I wanna thank the cast and crew of #ShadowHunters and #FREEFORM for making dreams come true.  Little did I know it wasn't just my dreams, but the dreams of all the fans of Cassandra Clare's body of work, #TheMortalInstruments. @kitkatsmeow, thanks for all the love. Stay classy, lady. Never change. The rest of the amazing cast including Mr. @harryshumjr, thanks for your kindness and professionalism. See you in the pictures. I want to especially thank all of the fans who welcomed me and let me be their #Pangborn.  I have never felt such warmth from a group of strangers who became my friends.  I continue to be fans of this great show and of all of you.  #Parabatai.... ...also #JoinTheCircle #Pangbreezy4Sheezy #Pangbreezy4Eva #StayTuned #ShadowHuntersTV

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10. We miss Dot!

11. We want Jade's shoes now, he looks incredible!

12. We could stare at Matt's face alllllll day...

What are you most looking forward to about next week's episode? Let us know in the comments.

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