12 Things You Might Have Missed This Week

This week has been so busy for our Shadowhunters cast. They've been posting pictures non stop! We don't want you to miss anything so we've brought all the best bits right here in this article for you!

1. Alan and Maxim did a play about beans.

2. McG snapped us some photos of our favorite Shadowhunter siblings.

3. Bear hug anyone?

4. Magnus Bane did some err... light reading.

5. Meliorn pondered his beard...

6. Oh, hi Hodge.

7. What a fantastically blue, magical Warlock Potion!

8. Katherine McNamara practiced her back flipping.

9. Alberto and David got all dolled up.

10. Harry and Isaiah went on a food trip...

11. The Lightwood Brothers hung out and smiled a lot.

12. And Luke gave Max some much needed advice on life. (Maybe.)

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