12 Ways To Tell If You Are A Shadowhunter

Ever thought of yourself as a Shadowhunter? Read on to find out if you're among the Nephilim and perhaps don't know it yet.

These are your guiding principles.

She is your God(dess).

And the whole thing! Party like a Shadowhunters. Off to #tmiparty

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Encountering Demons is a totally normal occurrence for you.

Your wardrobe consists of primarily black and leather.

Pandemonium is your favorite place to hang out.

You have an extensive collection of weaponry.

And you’re flat-out great with all of it!

All of these symbols mean something to you.

You know what every single one means.

And spend hours practicing drawing them.

You are fiercely independent, and proud of it!

How many of these essential Shadowhunter traits apply to you? Let us know in the comments box below! 

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