14 Absolutely Hilarious Moments From Alberto's Takeover

Can Alberto and Stella be a crime fighting duo please?

1. He held an awesome and hilarious live chat where we learned lots about the show!

2. To start the day off right, Alberto had to make sure his hair was on point.

3. While absolutely nailing the vampire makeup too!

4. Afterwards, he showed off the best/worst part of his day.

5. We got an amazingly cute photo of the power kittens, Stella and Rajah!

6. Alberto reminded us all that it's what's on the inside that counts.

7. Question time! How do you think Simon would do in 'The Bachelor: Downworld Edition'?

8. During Alberto's time off, he went on a manventure!

9. The manventure kicked off with some crazy food sampling!

10. And then they cuddled up with some teddy bears...

11. Possible spoiler: Is Simon's new band name going to be 'Fiction Contradiction'?!

12. Perhaps with this badass pose as the album cover?

13. How awesome is this ice sculpture of an Angelic Power rune by the way?

14. Alberto signed off with a bunch of photos he had taken during the takeover!

Thanks for the amazing takeover, Alberto.

What was your favorite part of Alberto's takeover?

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