14 Incredible Shadowhunters Moments You Might Have Missed This Week!

Is Alan following Maxim? He knows they're not married in real life, right?

1. Are you guys missing the Shadowhunters cast as much as we are? Well, then it's time for a game of catch up!

Looking good, lady!

2. Harry and Isaiah had an intense game of ping pong!

Can anyone guess who won...?

3. Jade and Alberto went roadtripping!

Well they were in a car together. That still counts!

4. While Alan journeyed through the skies!

California dreamin'

A photo posted by Alan Van Sprang (@alanvansprang) on

It sounds more romantic than "took a flight."

5. Stephanie was puppy-sitting!

Pretty lucky that I get to babysit this little nugget for the next 10 days πŸ’•

A photo posted by Stephanie Bennett (@stephaniedian) on

Em, best job ever?

6. Harry was spending quality time with his dog!

Sunday. Chuck. Park-bound.

A photo posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on

We need to find out what park he hangs out at...

7. Pretty much everyone has a dog to play with!

The cutest puppy dog eyes around!

A photo posted by David Castro (@d.l.castro) on

The dog isn't the only one with cute puppy eyes, if you know what we mean!

8. Except for Jade, who is more of a cat person!


A photo posted by jadehassoune (@jadehassoune) on

And we can understand why! Look at that adorable ball of fur!

9. Matt was admiring the night sky!

Milky way Matt

A photo posted by Matthew Daddario (@matthewdaddario) on

And he let someone take a picture of him, finally!

10. Isaiah and Joel were having a Downworlders' night out!

Downworld Dinner with @joel_labelle 🐺 #shadowhunters @shadowhunterstv

A photo posted by Isaiah Mustafa (@isaiahmustafa) on

We would definitely go Werewolf to get to hang out with them!

11. Alan "just happened" to bump into Maxim in L.A.!

.......Awkward moment starring @alanvansprang

A video posted by Maxim Roy (@maximroy_) on

No wonder she's suspicious...

12. Kaitlyn was considering some character changes!

Camille becoming a pirate would be quite a twist...

13. We even got an adorable flashback photo of Matt!

He is the very definition of our teenage dream!

14. We just miss them so much!

πŸ’™βœŒπŸ½β˜€οΈ @albertorosende @jaybles100

A photo posted by jadehassoune (@jadehassoune) on

Come back to us, Shadowhunters!

What do you miss most about Shadowhunters?

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