15 Awesome Fan Reactions to Beyond The Shadows

We absolutely loved the reaction to our most recent behind-the-scenes reveal of the show. As a special thanks, here are some of our favorite fan reactions!

Fans were reassured that there would be plenty of dudes with their shirts off.

No seriously, we do try include as many shirtless guys as possible... You're welcome.

Some fans were lucky enough to get a special mention! Good spot.

The Jace and Simon banter is real!

A lot were caught trying to solve the most complex of riddles...

And more than a few lost their minds over Malec.

You guys better be prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions that you are about to go on.

So many feels!

Get some sleep, all the feels will still be there when you wake up!

We're genuinely worried that the Beyond the Shadows was all too much... What's going to happen at Episode One?!

We're not sure if all of the fandom are going to make it.

All joking aside, is everyone okay?

Hats off to our incredible cast!

And hats off to this incredible fandom!

Let us know how much you guys enjoyed Beyond The Shadows in the comments below and tell us all your favorite bits, thoughts and reactions!

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