15 Times The Shadowhunters Cast Slayed Us This Week Without Even Trying!


1. Time to catch up with the Shadowhunters squad!

There's something a bit overwhelming about so many amazing people being together in one place.

2. Kat was looking fierce and flawless!

Some Sunday Motivation. 😻 #Shadowhunters Photo via @kitkatsmeow.

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She is our inspiration for the perfect pout.

3. Isaiah was training hard and getting in shape.

Hitting the bag is a good way to relieve stress. #stayzen #staypositive

A video posted by Isaiah Mustafa (@isaiahmustafa) on

Pumping iron and breaking hearts. Classic.

4. Alan was feeling the Halloween vibes.

Pumpkin Parade supplies Angel Rune. #shadowhunters

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It's over, Alan. Time to move on.

5. Alisha was giving us a behind-the-scenes look at her Tuesday Takeover!

Did you guys watch her live chat? Click here if you missed it.

6. Nick was enjoying the view.

Nice little weekend away. Now back to the grind. #MotivationMondays #BlessedandThankful πŸ’«

A photo posted by Nick Sagar (@nickdsagar) on

We're so excited to add this new cast member to our social roundups! So far we know he wears hoodies and enjoys the outdoors. #DetectiveWork

7. Harry was remembering all his best poses throughout the years.

If that was a real statue we would visit it. Regularly.

8. Emeraude was getting blown away on set!

Babe alert. πŸš¨πŸ’ // @emeraudetoubia #Shadowhunters

A video posted by Shadowhunters (@shadowhunterstv) on

More slow motion videos of our bae, please and thank you.

9. Joel was hanging out with his Werewolf and Shadowhunter buddies.

Good times with the gang today!

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10. The dynamic trio were up to all sorts of shenanigans.

Selfie shenanigans w @domsherwood & @albertorosende πŸ˜œπŸ“Έ --- #Regram @albertorosende

A video posted by Katherine McNamara (@kitkatsmeow) on

This is like extreme musical chairs.

11. Jade was enjoying his improved hearing.

We πŸ’š @jadehassoune. #Meliorn #Shadowhunters BTS photo via Jade.

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The bigger the ear the better the sound quality. Right?

12. Isaiah looks incredible even when he's not facing the camera.

The πŸ† is here. @isaiahmustafa

A photo posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on

Not that we're suprised.

13. Harry was throwing some serious shade in his Magnus costume.

Thought I'd hit y'all with a fun Magnus pic! Taken by the lovely @emeraudetoubia

A photo posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on

Get it? Shade? Because he's staring at a light? #Hilarious

14. Nick was looking dapper as Aldertree.

Yes please. Just... yes.

15. The Shadowhunter ladies were hanging out and killing Demons.

Ρ‚hΡ”Ρ•Ρ” 2... #WCW . βž°β™‘

A photo posted by Maxim Roy (@maximroy_) on

The three women we want to be best friends with! Keep dreaming, guys.

How was your weekend, Angels? Tell us in the comments!

Be your best. Do your best. πŸ’• #WorldKindnessDay #Shadowhunters

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