16 Hilarious Cast Moments That You Won't Believe You Missed This Week!

If you're not following these guys on social media then what are you doing with your life??

1. Harry knew exactly what photo would make us excited about the premiere!

2. Isaiah and Maxim reminded us who the REAL stars of the show are!

Drama... Lots & lots of drama... ➰ tonight 8pm @shadowhunterstv on @freeform #Lucelyn

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3. David and Nick had some fun doing impressions...

Be sure to tune in guys!!! @shadowhunterstv @freeform @nickdsagar

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4. Anyone else hoping we get to see them in some scenes together? #Bromance

5. Dom surprised us by revealing his favorite ship...

Ready to live tweet!! Get your questions ready!!! Cos here we go!! Use #shadowhunterschat

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6. Matt hid his excitement about the new episodes pretty well...

7. Isaiah had an important phone call to make.

8. Harry was back in action as Magnus and giving us serious #MirrorGoals.

9. Nick, Maxim and Dom got used to some complicated video technology...

10. Kat and Alberto reflected on the amazing season premiere!

11. We got this beautiful tribute to the Domberto origin story!

12. Maxim and Alan gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes! What a beautiful couple.

13. Jade spent some time with his furry friend.

#Creature 🌾💓 --- --- --- #Tiger the #mainecoon #cat

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14. Emeraude went native in Thailand! She looks absolutely breathtaking.

Chiang Mai! Lanna Khantoke dinner - Traditional Thai Dinner 🦋🐘

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15. Alberto traveled around Italy wearing the most dapper hat we've ever seen.

16. While Alisha practiced her best model pose and rocked the vintage look!

Got it

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Are you jumping for joy that all of these beautiful people are back on our screens?

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