16 Shadow World Moments You Might Have Missed

Harry is a year older, but still not as old as Magnus!

1. Happy Tuesday, Angels!

Cuties! #Shadowhunters

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2. This week it was a very special day for someone...

3. We hope you had an amazing birthday, Harry!

Wishing @harryshumjr a very happy birthday today! 🎈🎈🎈 #Shadowhunters

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4. Maxim was hanging out with this puppy!

Oh come on...don't look at me like that...πŸ’žπŸ’˜πŸ’• #heartmelting

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5. Isaiah was...living the turtle life!

6. Shailene was staying hydrated...

Am I BeyoncΓ© yet? πŸπŸ‹

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Lemonade, anyone?

7. Alan was...stalking Dom? Possibly?

Their TV father-son bond is strong.

8. While Kat and Emeraude were presenting an award at the RDMAs!

Looking super glamorous, ladies!

9. Dom really enjoyed #JaceAppreciationDay!

10. Did everyone vote for Malec to be the best TV couple?

We know Isaiah did! That guy ships Malec hard.

11. Matt broke our heart with this photo of Dylan!

#tbt to when she had that leg

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12. Emeraude and Kat slayed us in selfies!


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Some things never change...

13. And Harry gave us vacation goals!

[insert inspirational sunset quote] "SUNkist will quench yo thirst"

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Has anyone ever looked better in front of a sunset? Doubtful.

14. So hang in there until Season 2, Angels!

Well there's no @shadowhunterstv tonight, but there is this gem... 😏 @isaiahmustafa @matthewdaddario

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Kat understands how much we're all missing our weekly dose of Shadowhunters!

Which was your favorite Shadow World selfie this week?

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