16 Unmissable Moments From The #MaximTakeover

We can't wait to see more of this lady in Season 2!

1. It was Maxim's turn to do a Tuesday Takeover!

Aaaaand just another mysterious appearance from Alan... #NotaStalker

2. Maxim took us behind the scenes to get a closer look at life on set!

3. Every day begins with getting Jocelyn's hair on POINT.

If certain distractions don't get in the way...

4. And, of course, we can't forget about the make-up!

SO MANY BEAUTIFUL FACES IN ONE PHOTO. You might say that they're purr-fect.

5. We learned that everyone goes to Maxim for important life advice.

Ugh, kids these days.

6. Who even is this guy?

Hint: That's Nick Sagar who plays Victor Aldertree in Season 2!

7. Oooh, is there trouble ahead for these two in the next season?

Who would have thought it?

8. She told us her favorite thing about the Shadow World:

9. Her favorite thing about sharing scenes with Katherine and Isaiah:

10. She told us the first person to get crazy on set when they are shooting at night is:

11. Her favorite animal is:

12. Her favorite scene from Season 1 is:

13. Her favorite thing about working with the cast is:

14. The one thing she would eat and drink for the rest of her life would be:

15. And she told us where she would like to travel:

16. Maxim ended the takeover by saying thank you to all her amazing fans!

Thank YOU Maxim for this wonderful Tuesday Takeover!

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