17 Times The Shadowhunters Cast Made Us Jealous Of Their Lives This Week!

David is at the beach, and Alberto has so many cats.

1. The Shadowhunters Instagram page hit one million followers!

WE DID IT. We hit ONE MILLION followers on Instagram. Thank you to the best fans in the world! 🤗 #Shadowhunters

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And it's all thanks to you!

2. Meanwhile, Isaiah was tearing it up with his onscreen Werewolf buddies!

Who ordered a trio of werewolves tonight at 8/7 on @freeform ??#shadowhunters 🐺💚

A photo posted by Isaiah Mustafa (@isaiahmustafa) on

Please let them be friends in real life.

3. Kat was hanging out with the boys and live tweeting the last INCREDIBLE episode!

Talk about #SquadGoals.

4. Dom was super excited about the Parabatai angle.

Well he has been talking about this episode in almost EVERY interview for MONTHS!

5. Alberto offered to buy us all coffee. Get your order in now!

Wait, was that not what he meant? Whatever.

6. And he gave us this beautiful portait of his favorite feline friends.

No offence, Rajah.

7. Harry was chilling with the beautiful and feisty Lightwood ladies.

Good to know he and Nicola aren't enemies like their characters!

8. Maxim was dreaming about her onscreen bae.

Huge press day tomorrow AND ep 3 of @shadowhunterstv ... can't sleep... even in my #Joceluke t-shirt.

A photo posted by Maxim Roy (@maximroy_) on

Joceluke, Lucelyn, whatever -- it's all about the love people!

9. David was making us seriously weak at the knees.

It's 35 degrees in New York and I'm just here like...

A photo posted by David Castro (@d.l.castro) on

Keep it together. Just stay calm.

10. Jade was giving nothing away about Meliorn's season 2 appearance.

#Shadowhunters ADR + Jade in trouble = #NoSpoiler for you 😈 #TheMortalInstruments #Meliorn 🌿➰

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We cannot wait to see what Meliorn is up to...

11. Emeraude couldn't go anywhere without bumping into... herself!

and so we meet again 🙏🏼

A photo posted by Emeraude Toubia (@emeraudetoubia) on

There are worse people to meet in the street.

12. Alan was traveling to NYC for some R&R!

Off to #NYC

A photo posted by Alan Van Sprang (@alanvansprang) on

It's not easy being the bad guy, but someone's got to do it.

13. Alisha was celebrating her first episode as Maia, the bartender of the Hunter's Moon!

Throwback set selfie

A photo posted by Alisha Wainwright (@alishawainwright) on

Her Werewolf transformation was A-MAZING.

14. Nick was preparing us for our next installment of Victor Aldertree!

‪Who's ready for Ep3 #ParabataiLost ‬😉😬🔥#ShadowHuntersSeason2 ➰➰

A photo posted by Nick Sagar (@nickdsagar) on

We're still conflicted about that character. But we love Nick!

15. Vanessa was celebrating her triumphant return to the Shadow World!

We were NOT expecting that shocking twist.

16. Lisa was introducing herself as the newest member of the Shadowhunters cast.

We are so curious about her character Sister Cleophas!

17. And Stephanie was making us all wish we had a puppy to snuggle.

When you're sad and sick but got this little fur baby to make everything alright 🐶❤️

A photo posted by Stephanie Bennett (@stephd.bennett) on

Some people have all the luck!

Whose life are you the most jealous of?

Tell us in the comments!

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