16 Times The Shadow Cast Slayed Us This Week!

Maxim and Alan had a twitter fight! #TeamJocelyn

1. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

2. And we hope you celebrated "May the 4th be with you"!

May the 4th be with you... #StarWarsDay ☄

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3. We know that Alberto did!

Wish we could have celebrated it with you, buddy!

4. Harry was working hard in L.A.

LA is something special...minus the empty parking lot on the bottom.

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5. Maxim was enjoying the perks of air travel!

👋🏼 TO... It was short but sweet. #allupintheair

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Such great selfie opportunities...

6. Stephanie was out in the sun!

Home for the month 🌿☀️ #LA #notbadatall

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7. And Matthew...took a picture of a rooster!

Sing it, rooster man. @eskim0oo

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Is it too much to ask for one selfie, Matt?

8. And if you're missing Shadowhunters you're not the only one!

9. Harry is seriously missing his Magnus wardrobe!

#TBT to promo shoots for @shadowhunterstv can't wait to see his different looks for season 2! #magnusbane

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10. Kat misses her boys!

Love these moments. 😂 Miss these guys! #Domberto @shadowhunterstv @freeform

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Imagine getting to hang out with Dom and Alberto everyday... *swoon*

11. This Twitter exchange is EVERYTHING!

And proves some of the cast are feeling very nostalgic.

12. Maxim and Alan really connect with their characters...

13. You can really feel the love.

14. Do you know who your Parabatai is?

Who is your Parabatai? Tag him/her in the comments below! #Shadowhunters

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Choose carefully...

15. More importantly, did you celebrate Alec Appreciation Day?

Matt was obviously loving it!

16. We'll be back with our Shadow Cast update next Monday!

💕 #Venice

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What was your favorite Shadowhunter moment this week?

Tell us in the comments!

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