21 Incredible Moments From Stephanie's Takeover!

Our beloved Lydia Branwell took over our social accounts for the day.

1. Ladies and gentlemen, it was Stephanie's turn to takeover!

2. She kicked the day off with a run at a time when we were all definitely not still snoozing...

3. She then went Christmas shopping for her new adorable puppy, Zoe!

4. She then built a fort instead of packing for her latest move...

5. We got a great sneak peek from Season 2 of Lydia looking perplexed!

6. She mixed things up with a Twitter Q&A, answering all the fan questions that she could.

7. What is she most looking forward to about Season 2?

8. What was her favorite scene from Season 1?

9. Who is the funniest member of the Shadowhunters cast?

10. Which country would she love to visit?

11. If she could play any other character, who would she play?

12. What is her favorite thing about the Shadow World?

13. What is her favorite food?

14. What does she have the most in common with Lydia?

15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much she is looking forward to the new season?

16. Who is her biggest inspiration?

17. Who is her favorite Disney character?

18. If she could have any superpower, what would she choose?

19. If she could have any character's closet, who would she choose?

20. Does she have any advice for young actresses?

21. She also sent out a beautiful message to all the fans for their support!

We can't thank you enough either, Stephanie -- you are an incredible person and actress.

Thanks for rocking this Tuesday takeover, Stephanie!

Let us know in the comments below who you would like to take over next.

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