23 Big Moments From New York Comic Con!

Last week was big for Shadowhunters fans. Not only did filming start wrapping up, but the team went crazy on social media at New York Comic Con, too! Check out all the best parts of the event right here!

1. The cast headed off to New York Comic-Con!

Comic Con here we go! @shadowhunterstv @abcfamily

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2. But hang on, who ever could be missing?

3. Why Harry Shum Jr was already on his way to Comic Con...

On the way to reveal something exciting from @cassieclare1 at NY Comic-Con. #nycc2015 #matchingwhiteshirts

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4. He met Cassandra Clare there and together they revealed the cover for her new book Lady Midnight!

5. Just look how amazing it is!!

6. And speaking of amazing... There were demons at Comic Con, people!

7. In the massive NYCC display case, a fan got up close and personal with Izzy's whip.

8. Fans at Comic Con also got a great look at Alec's bow.

9. And don't forget the most bad ass of all... Jace's seraph blade.

10. There was a ton of stuff to do at NYCC, including a Shadowhunters giveaway for this incredible Marvel style poster.

11. The NYCC Shadowhunters team were even giving out free temporary tattoos to fans!

Free #shadowhuntersnycc temporary tattoos #nycc

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12. Not to mention the free putty and stickers!

Abc family booth giveaways. Free putty and stickers #shadowhuntersnycc #pllnycc #stitchersnycc

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13. And here it is in all its glory: The Shadowhunters Big Comic Con Board with lots of exclusive photos!

14. And Cassandra Clare told us just how much she enjoyed the Shadowhunters booth at NYCC.

15. I mean who wouldn't when you get to pretend you're a Shadowhunter for a moment!

16. The cast and Cassie got to hang out together.

Starting off at Comicon with Matt (Alec of course) - long day ahead!

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17. And hosted an absolutely killer panel. Stay tuned for more on that!

#NYCC #shadowhunters ๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ’‹ Premier January 12, 2016 on @abcfamily !!

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18. Emeraude showed off her drop dead gorgeous outfit for the event.

@lespetitsjoueurs LOVE clutch! so yeah..... Snapchat: emeraudetoubia #Versace #Versace #Versace #NYCC

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19. Team photo!

20. Harry and Isaiah then went off the grid.

#NYCC with @harryshumjr #Shadowhunters

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21. The cast then traded in their seraph blades for lightsabers.

Shadowhunters with lightsabers โžฐ @shadowhunterstv @starwars #MayTheForceBeWithYou

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22. Before Dom got greedy and made himself a super saber!

Light saber fetish. #nycc2015

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23. Unfortunately NYCC had to come to an end and the cast headed back up to Toronto.

If you weren't able to make New York Comic Con, don't worry!  There is plenty more exclusive videos and photos from the event including snippets of the Shadowhunters panel.  Let us know what your favorite part of NYCC was in the comments below!

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