6 Random Moments From Matthew Daddario's Takeover

For anyone (everyone) who doesn't have enough Matt in their lives!

Good news Shadowhunters fans -- all of your dreams have come true!

That's right, the one and only Matthew Daddario took over the Shadowhunters social media accounts this Takeover Tuesday. He showed us what's going on behind the scenes while the cast are filming Season 2B, and he might have spent about five minutes talking about plants... Anyway, check out the best moments of his takeover below! And, if you want to see more of Matt, you can watch him play Alec Lightwood in Seasons 1 and 2 of Shadowhunters here on Freeform.

1. Matt was overwhelmingly excited to take over the Shadowhunters accounts.

We love your shirt and enthusiasm Matt!

2. His live chat announcement would not be complete without a shocking fact about plants.

Warning: there are many more plant facts from Matthew coming your way...

3. Before starting his work day, he first had to make a delicious batch of pickles!

We would give anything to have Matt's cooking skills.

4. Back in his trailer, Matt showed us one of his most treasured possessions.

Is it possible that he is as obsessed with cows as we are with him?

5. Can you spot the bird in the branches?

This is practically impossible!

6. When it was time to say goodbye, Matt blessed us with the most adorable picture!


Rewatch every episode of Shadowhunters while you wait for Season 2B right here on Freeform!

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