8 Exciting Things You Might Have Missed This Week!

Cats, cows, and burgers! Check out what the cast has been up to right here!

1. Stephanie went to the beach for her birthday!


2. Kaitlyn has a very photogenic cat...

Princess Bean! 👑

A photo posted by Kaitlyn Leeb (@kaitdubz) on

With a very cute name!

3. While Matthew found a slightly less photogenic cow!

Yummy cow nose goop.

A photo posted by Matthew Daddario (@matthewdaddario) on

I wonder if he named him?

4. Harry caught a flight to the Big Apple!

Flinging myself to The Big 🍎!

A photo posted by Harry Shum Jr (@harryshumjr) on

Nice hat, Harry!

5. Alberto did some sightseeing!


A photo posted by albertorosende (@albertorosende) on

Ooh, pretty!

6. Isaiah went to a burger bar that had a pretty cool ceiling!

This awesome flag was on the ceiling of the burger bar I was at this weekend in Cincinnati. #flagday

A photo posted by Isaiah Mustafa (@isaiahmustafa) on

It's a flag!

7. Alan went to the theater and got to wear a creepy mask!

Sleep No More. #Sleepnomore

A photo posted by Alan Van Sprang (@alanvansprang) on

8. Emeraude looked absolutely stunning!

A photo posted by Emeraude Toubia (@emeraudetoubia) on

Even in the brightest of sunlight? How does she do it?!

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