8 Perfect Moments You Cannot Miss From #EmeraudeTakeover

It's Izzy's time to shine!

1. Emeraude spent Tuesday taking over all of the Shadowhunters social accounts!

2. She took us through a day in the life of Izzy.

3. Her transformation from Emeraude to Izzy began in makeup!

My makeup is done in only 30 seconds !! 😜☺ -❤@emeraudetoubia #Izzy #EmeraudeTakeover #Shadowhunters

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4. And then she hit the wardrobe and produced this stunning outfit!

OOTD all geared up! ⚔ -❤@emeraudetoubia #izzy #shadowhunters #EmeraudeTakeover

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5. Which wouldn't be complete without a pair of gorgeous heels to strut in!

Nothing less than 7inches ! Want to see the entire look??? -❤@emeraudetoubia #Izzy #EmeraudeTakeover #shadowhunters

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6. What do you think this incredible palace is being used for in the show?

Our set for the day! -❤@emeraudetoubia #izzy #shadowhunters #EmeraudeTakeover

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7. Taking over the social accounts wasn't enough, so Emeraude took over filming too!

Taking it back -❤@emeraudetoubia #izzy #shadowhunters #EmeraudeTakeover

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8. Thanks Emeraude for an amazing takeover!

Who would you like to see next for a Shadowhunters takeover?

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