8 Things You Might Have Missed: Fishing, Santa...Erm A lion?

We love seeing what our wonderful Shadowhunters cast get up to when they're not working their socks off. Welcome to today's social round up!

1. Alan wrote his list for Santa.

Hanging with Santa and @insidelight

A photo posted by Alan (@alanvansprang) on

2. Harry relaxed by the river.

3. Matt made a new furry friend.

Good dog.

A photo posted by Matthew Daddario (@matthewdaddario) on

4. Kat rocked this red dress.

5. Maxim had a blast from the past!

6. How many of the cast can you spot in this snap?

7. Emeraude looked like a true starlet.

8. Isaiah got himself a new house cat.

Um... #lion #chess

A photo posted by Isaiah Mustafa (@isaiahmustafa) on

Did you have any favorite social pics this week? Let us know in the comments.

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