8 Warlocky Reasons That Magnus Bane Rules

The High Warlock of Brooklyn has quite the repertoire, which makes him the best Warlock in the Shadow World in our eyes. Check this list to find out why!

1. He has one hell of a pocket guide.

2. And makes the most kick ass brew.

3. Talk about a briefcase full of swag.

4. Cat eyes? Bat wings? How about a tail? Warlocks are mental!

5. Try to hide? He'll find you.

6. Better be nice, or he'll magic you till you explode!

7. And watch out for his killer dance moves...

8. They are absolutely deadly.

You've got to give it to him, Magnus Bane would be at the top of anyone's list to have an all night rave.  What other reasons make Magnus deserve the title of the High Warlock of Brooklyn?  Let us know in the comments below.

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