8 Wonderful Shadowhunters Cast Moments You Can't Miss

Keep up to date with all the cast shenanigans of this week!

1. Alberto took some time to relax while waiting for the sun to go down.

Living the Dream! #sunsgoingdownvampscomingout

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2. Nicola posted an adorable photo of her and Kat!

Love this Woman! She's such an amazing Actor and an even more incredible Person. xo @kitkatsmeow

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3. Harry made us go Magnus crazy with this incredible silhouette!


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4. And a little crazy crazy over those guns of his too...

5. Katherine and Sophie celebrated National Dog Day!

Happy #NationalDogDay from Sophie and me! 🐶❤️

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6. David is ready to get going.

And here.... We .... Go💪🏼 #raphaelsantiago #shadowhuntersseason2

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We desperately need more Raphael in our lives.

7. It was Katherine's turn to go flying!

Got to be Peter Pan today at work... ✨Resisted the urge to break out in song... #imflying @shadowhunterstv @freeform

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8. Alberto is absolutely loving the adventure that being part of Shadowhunters has given him.

It wouldn't be the same without you, Alberto!

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