9 Isaiah Mustafa Facts to Swoon Over

Brace yourself ladies, this one's for you! We sat down with the sexiest cop in Shadowhunters, Isaiah Mustafa, who is playing the fabulous Luke Garroway. When we finally stopped giggling and blushing, we managed to find out some seriously fun facts about him. Read on and discover your new summertime obsession!

1. He has a thing for taking pictures of full moons. Maybe not a great idea for a man who (Spoiler? Is it?)...

Full moons are dangerous for a certain type of person.  That's what we'll say. 

2. He's the kind of guy you'd love to take home to meet the parents. He was the proud owner of a restaurant called Jo Jo’s BBQ. If that doesn't impress them, what will?

3. He is seriously obsessed with hockey and is a massive fan of the Los Angeles Kings.

Good morning. #Clean #Sheet #Zamboni #Morning #Skate #Solace #LA #Valley #Ice #Center

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4. Seriously obsessed with hockey. He BUILT A HOCKEY RINK in his garage. Now that's commitment!

5. He went to Arizona State University and even played in the 1997 Rose Bowl…

6. … AND ended up playing in the NFL! Uhm. Sheesh.

7. Puppies. PUPPIES!

He has two absolutely ADORABLE Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Buck and Lexi. We love a guy with a soft spot for a cuddly companion, although we have to say, we're a teeny tiny bit jealous!

8. He once won a game show, and has even been an answer on Jeopardy. That'd be one to tell the kids!

9. Uhm. Also? Surprisingly? He's single! HOW is that even possible? I mean, just...

...and then there was that time I hand painted a pic of @mlauer and myself. #tbt #oldspice

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We can't. This is amazing. 

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