9 Things You Might Have Missed: Briefcases, Stretches and Questionable Cocktails

We wouldn't want you to miss anything so we've scoured the internet and rounded up the top things that have happened on the Shadowhunters set this week for you fabulous fans to enjoy!

Katherine was a little tied up at work.

Magnus reached new levels of cool with this super shiny warlocky briefcase.

Harry came up with an innovative solution to forgetting his charger.

Harry performed his pre-flight ritual before hopping on a plane to China.

Luke and Alaric spent the afternoon playing good cop bad cop.

Bad cop, good cop! Or is it good cop,bad cop?! #shadowhunters #alaric #luke

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Luke aced his fight scene.

The Lightwoods took a family selfie!

Harry made a rather questionable looking cocktail.

If there's Uni in it. I'll eat it.

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Jace took a shine to Jocelyn on set.

What was your favorite thing that happened this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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