Alec Vs. Simon: Two Guys Enter The Friendzone, Only One Emerges Victorious!

Both of these boys got friendzoned by their crush, but which one dealt with it best?

1. The Best Friends

When we first met Alec and Simon they had something in common. They both secretly had feelings for their best friend!


2. By Their Side

Simon followed Clary wherever she went, which is how he got involved in the Shadow World. Alec was Jace's Parabatai and fought demons by his side.


3. Like Brothers

Unfortunately, both Clary and Jace saw their best friends as a member of the family. They didn't seem to feel the same attraction.


4. New Flames

Instead, Jace and Clary fell in love with each other! So, both Alec and Simon directed their anger towards their best friend's crush. And found a reason to fight them!


5. Distractions

Simon tried to get over Clary by spending some time with Maureen, who wanted to be his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Alec decided to focus on his family and proposed to Lydia!


6. Moving On

Maybe Simon should have been focusing his attention on Izzy. Those two would be an adorable couple--they certainly were in the alt universe! At least Alec realized that his feelings for Magnus were real just in time!


7. Reactions

While Simon tried to stay close to Clary, Alec turned against Jace. He kept fighting with his parabatai until the two weren't even speaking. Meanwhile, Simon was calling Clary non-stop because he thought he was becoming a Vampire!


8. Self-Sacrifice

But, no matter what, Simon will always put Clary's safety first and Alec will always protect his parabatai!


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