Cassie Clare Is Writing An Adult Series About Magnus Bane! This Is Really Happening!

Any questions you had about Magnus are about to be answered...

Have you been following Cassandra Clare on Twitter?

Because last week she started dropping hints about a new project...

One that concerned everyone's favorite Warlock!

Last Tuesday she announced the big news!

Cassie will be writing a new adult series about Magnus Bane!

She will be collaborating with another author, Wesley Chu!

Welcome to the Shadowhunters family!

She answered a few fan questions about the series...

This is a not a drill!

There are release dates and everything!

We're even getting a trilogy!

That's three books about Magnus. Three books! Magnus! Three!

Naturally, Harry is just as excited as the rest of us!

We are all completely freaking out about this!

How excited are you for Cassandra Clare's new series? Tell us in the comments!

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