Catch Up On Everything The Shadowhunters Cast Have Been Up To Since The Winter Finale

We miss them already.

1. Harry and Isaiah celebrated the end of Season 2A in style.

When vases become 🍷 glasses. Have a good whatever day it is. @isaiahmustafa

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These two do everything in style.

2. Dom took a leap of faith.

21 ft

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Don't worry, he was fine!

3. David was interrupted while trying to learn his lines.

Prepping for 2B with a little help - @d.l.castro #DavidTakeover

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His pooch is just trying to get a sneak peek at what happens in Season 2B.

4. Katherine entertained Ariana (Madzie) on set!

Too cute.

5. Alisha got up close and personal with a new friend.

Unicorn kisses

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We love both their hairstyles.

6. Harry went for a stroll with this fluffy ball of happiness.

This is joy. Joyful Friday.

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Look at his little bandana!

7. Jade chilled with his roommate.

This #beast. πŸ’™πŸŒ· 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 #Tiger πŸ’— . . #mainecoon

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That cat is living the perfect life and we're jealous.

8. Isaiah showed us his homecoming picture from 1992!

#TBT 1992 Homecoming. #growamustache

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It's no surprise that he's always been a classy gentleman.

9. Lisa motivated us to get through the week.

She always has a positive attitude.

10. Alisha stunned us with this summery outfit.

Rose all day

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Why can't it be summer yet?

11. And David feasted on something other than blood for once!

Quick πŸ” before heading to set #shadowBurgers #withasideofVampFries - @d.l.castro #DavidTakeover

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