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That's a big deal.

Oh hey.


Like spies!

Take us with you!

So much Behind-the-Scenes tonight!

Always thank the writers.

He's adorable.

Srsly, girl. Pull it together.

Fight coordinator!


Malec Feels


In front of and behind!

Also what it's like to hang out with her in real life.

The cast really does get along well.

It IS disturbing.

Get it trending people.

Well there's a surprise.

Adorable. Beyond.

So far our favorite GIF

Facts from Writers!

The book!

Some real high level trickery

The writers are NEXT LEVEL.

Chairman Meow and Church!

Cats Cats Cats!



She's a Shadowhunter!

Big news!

Jade Hassoune. Master of the BTS footage.

True. Adorable.


Feels. Like crazy.

Quick note about the music!

This is a good question.

It's a really good commercial.

Correct. The whole room is laughing.

Neither will we!

Little backstage action from Jade!

Another dimension!

Wait, what?

This is a good point

Correct! Take it from the writers room!

True Things.

Shout if you're here!


To the Seelie Glade!

Katherine! Weighing in!

Yes, indeed!

Starting at 9pm EST!

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