Check Out The Cast's Commentary For Episode Eight!

We love seeing the cast's reactions to each episode. Here are just a few of our favorite comments from Bad Blood.

Cup. Clace. Camille. Bad Blood has it all!

Phones and eyes at the ready! Here comes episode eight!

Raphael to the rescue. Kind of.

Something's got Jade looking super shocked...

Clary makes some tough life decisions...

Isaiah shows off his war wounds.

Early morning on set silliness.

Introducing Vampire Simon!

We're pretty sure our reaction was something like Clary's!

Damn, check out Clary's right hook!

So many emotional faces!

Let's face it, there's nothing Izzy wouldn't look good in!

Totally imagining a teeny tiny Jace right now. SO CUTE!

Shock horror!

Jon shows us what went into creating Hot Hodge's epic fight scene!

What was your favorite scene from Bad Blood? Let us know in the comments!

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