Check Out The Most Hilarious Moments Of #IsaiahTakeover!

Everybody be-were...

Isaiah kicked off the takeover by showing everyone his pre-Shadowhunters morning ritual!

Step One: Make a shot of espresso.

Step Two: Put TWO tablespoons of butter into the coffee and blend the entire thing for 20 seconds!

Step Three: Apologize to the neighbors for the loud noises.

Step Four: Look out from the balcony while enjoying the crazy coffee!

The end product appeared to do the trick:

Isaiah then showed off Luke's extensive wardrobe collection...

Before making his way to the make up trailer to be beautified.

As if he could BE more beautiful!

One thing's for sure, he looks totally badass!

Isaiah had a few special guests invade his takeover, including Matt!

Fellow werewolves stole his phone and took some fantastic selfies.

What a lovely set of werewolf teeth you have, Joel!

And after a crazy day, Isaiah threw in the towel and said good night.

Look there's Kat in the background!

And if his takeover wasn't already great enough, Isaiah made it even more epic by getting fans to tweet #ReleaseTheVideoDom... leading to a reveal of this hilarious prank!

Dom's reaction is priceless!

Thanks for the incredible takeover, Isaiah!

If you missed Isaiah's live takeover Q&A with fans, check it out here.

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