Did You Follow The #ShadowhuntersChat On Monday? Here Are The Best Cast Tweets

As usual, Isaiah had puns and Matt had sass.

Did you follow the #ShadowhuntersChat on Twitter last Monday?

If you're a true fan then you must be hooked to your Twitter feed every Monday at 8/7c. The cast of Shadowhunters love live tweeting along with the craziest moments of each episode. In case you missed all the fun, we have gathered the best tweets of the night for your enjoyment. You're welcome!

Can we start by talking about how cute young Magnus is?

Isaiah may have a bigger crush on Alec than anyone else.

Matthew pointed out some of the injustices in the episode -- and in life.

Alberto just wants Isaiah to be his real life dad. We all do.

Can you blame us?

Kat does not appreciate her character Clary being ignored.

Even though the eventual Simon-Clary confrontation was heartbreaking...

Isaiah has some clever ways to prevent Simon from murdering people. It's called crime and punishment for a reason.

We were not the only ones freaked out by Sebastian revealing his true face...

At least we got some great Izzy wisdom in this episode.

Kat said what we are all thinking about that emotional Malec scene.

Alberto can't help bragging about how great it is to be a Vampire.

Matt knows what the fans really want.

And Will is just incredibly polite and adorable. Classic Englishman.

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