Discover The Amazing Music From Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 12

These songs fit the show so perfectly 🎶

The soundtrack for Shadowhunters is always flawless, and this week was no exception. Watch season 2 episode 12 now, and check out the best musical moments below.

Clary and Simon share some alone time.

The gentle 'Marathon' by Francis plays during their intimate moment.

Sebastian looks after Izzy.

'Another Love' by n. Lannon plays in the background as Izzy thanks Sebastian for taking her in.

Inquisitor Herondale watches Jace and Clary train.

The up-tempo 'Love to Hate It' by Off Bloom is the perfect track for this fight scene.

Sebastian asks Clary out while Simon and Izzy talk in a park.

The beautifully uplifting 'Waves' by Dean Lewis continues as Simon and Clary connect once more.

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